We selected fine Golden Leaf from Bulang Mountain to process Raw Puer (Pu-erh) tea. It has earthy bitterness and complex textures that is fruity sweet and spicy. The fermentation process occurs naturally through years of storing subject to the right climatic conditions. When aged under optimum conditions, the quality of this fine tea cake will be further enhanced. A perfect raw Puerh add to your collection.

【Tea Varieties】Pu Erh Tea - 2021 Raw Tea

【Net weight】360g

【Tea Soup】Golden and bright 

【Taste Features】Fruity and sweet, mellow taste

【Efficacy】Pu Erh tea can help to prevent cholesterol and body fats, relieve drunkenness and improve metabolism.

【Origin】Bulang Mountain, Yunnan Province, China

【Brewing Method】Put an appropriate amount of tea leaves into the tea infuser, brew with boiling water at high temperature, moisten the tea (wash the tea) once or twice times, in order to release the quality of the tea and make the tea more easy to release the tea flavor during brewing.

【Storage】Stored in cool, dry condition away from direct sunlight